IOU has launched a section of the Diploma Campus with INTRODUCTORY COURSES ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR NEW MUSLIMS. We recommend anyone who has just taken their shahadah to complete these courses before going onto other advanced studies. To change your view and go to these INTRODUCTORY COURSES now CLICK HERE

In this course, Shaykh Yosof Wanly will take you on a journey to nourish your soul and solve various confusions regarding this deen and its principles in the present circumstances.

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If you have the passion to speak for Islam - get ready to TALK!

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Muslim women of today are struggling with various obstacles and challenges in different fragments of the society. With a huge lack of resources, our women don’t know where or whom to look up to for answers and solutions to their problems.

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Are you staring at the crossroads of life and are sceptical about your decisions? Do you want to be a leader but lack the much needed leadership qualities? Has repeated failures made your search for solutions look elusive?

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Have you ever had to deal with a difficult person in your life whom made you feel really bad or even cry?  I feel that we all have.  Difficult people exist everywhere, from our own homes, to our jobs, to our classmates, neighbors, teachers, and customers we have to daily deal with.   As patient as we may be, these people can push our buttons to where sometimes we may want to explode!  However, as believers we know that we cannot blow up or get affected by these people.  We know that we must be able to keep our cool at all times insha’Allaah, as that is what the Prophet (Sallahi Alihee Wa Sallam) taught us! 

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A short course tackling some enthralling topics! The course will be looking at the following:

'The Accursed Enemy: SATAN'

'ZAKAH & its principles' 

Special BONUS session on Laylatul Qadr 

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A smashing short intensive course dealing with some captivating subjects! The course will be looking at the following:

Islamic Historical Method


Marital Harmony

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This course is design to familiarize the students with the key concepts of the Islamic finance and introduce them to the different terminologies, their meanings and interpretations in the light of the Islamic commercial law and the Islamic finance.